Rocking mah new Crackberry!

The worst possible thing happened last week, I missed an appt. That is not my M.O. and am very reliable! Over the last year I had started to notice my crack baby wasn’t working as she once did. I started to error msg’s when trying to do stuff online, like msg’s saying your browser is outdated. Websites not recognizing me as mobile and loosing some functionality. Seems like every time I’d try to do some sort of updating she would like have some kind of psychotic episode…. Then she started to balk when I was tethered, defaulting back to the UScelluar ringtone and requiring a battery pull to get my settings to be implemented. My indicator light wouldn’t flash from recv’d txt’s, emails, or missed calls.
So thinking my appt didnt call I headed in to USCC to see my go to guy Glen who is like a blackberry guru. Hes worked there for years and knows phones! After telling him my issues with my crackberry and other USCC stores/sales people/tech support, he said I’d be happy with a newer one. Didn’t take but 5 minutes and his knowledgeable self had me saying SOLD!
I got my old gurl back in like 07 and I remember that first 6 wks I wanted to toss that 8330 Curve into the Arkansas River! Once I kinda got it, I was hooked!!! So today I’m rocking a new 9350 and she is quite nice to handle just like most new hotties are LOL.
So back to USCC, if you got an issue with your phone, give it up before you start if thinking bout going into a premier location. All they are gonna do is pick up the phone and call tech support. Hell you can save yourself the gas money and sit in the comfort of your on home and chat with them. Tech support, if you think you got somebody on the phone that really doesnt know chit bout how to fix your issue ask for a supervisor, trust me! They also can remotely get into your phone and do stuff. Kinda cool and scary to sit there holding your phone and watching it go through screens and settings. They can see EVERYTHING on your phone.
Now, I have been a USCC customer for like 11 yrs and until recently I have never had an issue with tech support or sales. About a week before I finally went in and saw my go to guy I stopped in another corporate store. My name got called and the gent said, ” hi, how can I help you”? I replied back with,” Are you well versed in crackberry”? He was like, well ya sorta. So I start rambling about my issues, what research I’ve done, what had been remotely done and all in all spouting out techy stuff. Ya, OKAY! He was clueless and said well so N so has a BB let me go get her. He returns saying shes on lunch so lets call tech support. I politely said, well I gotta go pick up my kid from school and I already had and they were about as helpful as,,, nevermind. He turns and says, ” Well we won’t even carry BB’s in two years because nobody wants them” real snotty like and said something else too. Man O Man, my temper flared, gritted my teeth, and I said, ” Ya, because of that attitude is why I am considering another cell provider!!! Okay so I get maybe the Premier location peeps barely getting by selling phones, taking, payments and calling tech support for customers, but really, somebody at a corporate store?
Its his job to help not hinder. Had he been a little kinder to me I prolly would have picked up my kid and went straight back and bought a new phone.
I get that people have a way of doing things and how they may or may not run their businesses. Hell, I a few rules and it is on a rare occasion that I veer or bend. This may seem odd, but I am about my established clients vs new ones. My regulars are gold to me and are solid, where new ones arent so much. I wasn’t under contract and only had a couple months till all four lines on my plan were free and clear. I was a potential walker and he almost closed that deal! So after letting that go and then going to see my normal guy, he apologized for what happened and I swore I’d never talk to anyone but him again. He asked why I hadn’t come in to see him and I said that I had awhile back, but each time he wasnt there. Evidently, he was out for a while due to a surgery. I think to date that man has sold me prolly 8 phones, maybe more. I had 5 lines at one time, now down to just 4 LOL. Moral to my long ass story, stick with the ones who you know and trust.
I did call the gent back that I thought didnt call me and I left a msg. I truly am so sorry that we didnt get to meet that day. In that msg I said that if he wanted to reschedule that I would do it for free. I haven’t heard back and I get that I may never. The offer stands……. Here it is in writing!

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