Silly Smart phones…

Technology is a good thing to have in your set of tools when running your own business, whether it is personal or on a commercial level. Having a smart phone is kinda like having a sexatary. They can do almost anything you want them to if you know how to use them. If there is not a program or application for what you need done then you can easily download one for free or purchase one.

Upgrading my Blackberry gave me a new tool. Call notes and notes that can be entered into the contact information. Neat stuff! Trying to reduce my stress with new callers, I have started utilizing my phone as it should be used and today someone got a lil caught up!

Recv’d text, Any open appts?
Me – Why?
TXTt’r – LOL
Me – Exactly!
TXT’r – I guess I deserve that.
Me – You can be taught.
TXT’r – What are you wanting to teach me
Me – Not my place to teach u anything. I don’t have time for people who are inconsiderate. Stands to reason that your not respectful of others or at the least of me.
TXT’r – Ma’am I have never met u before. I beleive you have me confused with someone else
Me – Correct, we have never met. But, on the 16th you called me and made an appt for approx 30 mins later. Then you didn’t call or answer your phone when I called. No confusion here, my smart phone don’t lie. Pretty damn smart ehh?
TXT’r – No its not a matter of being smart, so pat urself on the back. I was on my way and had a small fender bender. I’m a gentleman and respectful by all means.
TXT’r – I have a mother that will contest to that. I didn’t mean to no show and was hoping for a second chance. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Me – I’m one of those mothers that will slap my grown kids up side the head for being disrespectful. Your mama don’t know every misdeed you’ve ever done either. Ignorance is bliss, is it not? Just sayin…
TXT’r – LMAO so I guess no appt huh?
Me – So you would like a second chance? MmmK, I get that. My rule is that people who NCNS must pay a $50.00 fee on top of my $75.00 fee.
TXT’r – LOL. I’m good. Nice try though. My Jaguar got hit. I din’t charge you for that. Anyway. Thank u for the lesson. Take care.
Me – 1. You chose to contact me. 2. You chose to get in your car and drive. 3. You chose not to call after the fact and explain. See, obviously your eyesight wasn’t damaged nor were you injured so badly you couldn’t txt or call. So, I’m not responsible for your actions, inactions, or decisions.
TXT’r – Exactly, I would never be that dumb to think its ur fault. I’m a grown man and a massage is a luxury item and I’m not going to pay a late fee. Listen no need to go back and forth. I was hoping for an appt. If you change ur mind let me know.

So class, what have learned? Things to think on…..

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