Can you beleive its 2013? *snickers* We’re getting old, YA, you too!

My first blog of 2013 woot woot! LOL, I had to do a pass reset because I couldn’t remember what I changed it to… Sometimes I wish I had a sexatary for these type things, but them my controlling, A.D.D. O.C.D self would end up doing whatever needed doing anyway. So what shall I resolute to this year, hmm?

Well I quit smoking mid December so that’s not on the list. Its more like STAY quit!!!
I thought I had a good handle on quitting the last time I tried, but… I didnt. This time is different and I know I am going to be sucking on nicotine lozenges for quite awhile and can not be without them either! Its a process right? Well the way I see is that I own it and its my process. But I know without a doubt that if I dare to take one drag off one cigarette,,, all the hard work/effort that I have put forward will be for nothing. Geesh, Im soo addicted.

Why do my knees hurt from sitting Indian style now? Okay, back to resolutes.

1. Stop dying my red hair redder. I know I know, it looks all cool so so coppery and shiny, but its a pain in the ass to keep up with! OMGawd, I have grey hair. What EVA! Its all good cuz it will look good on me.

2. Get a CNA position at one of the hospitals. So here’s my luck as usual. I had a formal interview scheduled for this morning and HR called a little after 9am asking if I had already left home? I was like,, UH, the appointment time was 10am, right? Then she said, ohh good you haven’t left! Evidently the floor mngr called in sick. Can you imagine, a hospital employee calling in sick? Only in my world….

3. Acquire a third part time job for a couple of nights a week. You see I want some stuff and so my thinking is that if I get a third job that money can go for the extras I want. Seems logical and doable right? We will see….

4. Learn to apply fake eyelashes. Everyone should have a hobby I’ve been told. Just sayin..

5. Make Playstation time! Get some new games and revisit the old PS1 games like MediEvil. Need me some HAMMER time! Definitely need to master the super charges in Tree Tops and Magic Crafters!!!

And I will think of more stuff later….

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