Tulsa, so I have started a new journey this year!

LOL, I found my password and now I can bloggg. Maybe I will bore you some with my endless babble or if I am lucky, humor you into a grin or two with a possible chuckle…

Okayyy so, January first was the last day I had a cigarette. I actually ran out out just before bedtime. Now if you are a smoker you know it is simply impossible to NOT smoke if you wake up and there is at least one cigarette in the pack. Anyway, after quitting last spring, I had a pretty good hold on it but had a family member pass away and my life went upside down, then major surgery at the end of may. I don’t care what others might say, the cards were stacked against me and I lit up.

So here we are 6 months later, I’m somewhat better in the head and the smoke is driving me crazy. Just before Christmas I bought a box of Nicorette lozenges and was contemplating the thought of laying them down. Then we get the storms and the kids out for break and I run out of smokes and well,, I am really proud of myself.

For some reason this time it didn’t bother me as much during the third and the fourth days. Maybe this will be the final time and maybe my body is just done with its addiction? Already I am sleeping better and the slightest smell of offending cigarettes makes me ill.

So on January 2cd I started my juice fast without my friend. Not sure why? We were supposed to start it in early December, but for various reasons we did not. I also started going back to the gym, I have been paying for the membership,,, so I might as well use right?

I am doing meal replacement shakes once or twice a day depending on my hunger level and if I go for an evening workout. I’m doing pretty good and never ever want to juice celery AGAIN! Seriously, I know its cheap and primarily water, but uhh, NO BUENO!!!!

I weighed myself on the 2cd and it said 215lbs and here we are seven days later and it said 206lbs. I down with that and feel pretty good about my work outs. For the last 8 or 9 months I either was sick prior to my surgery or depressed after the death, but in any case If I wasn’t working, shuttling kids, I have been in bed sleeping A LOT! No more of all that, I think I’m rested LOL and its time to get up and get right with life. I’m starting easy this time and this is what I am going to do for the first two weeks.
Arrive at gym and get in tanning bed to warm me up a bit
Work on adding minutes to the stair machine (I’m at 8 mins)
30 to 40 mins on treadmill (level 2 or 3 fatburn)
Torso rotation machine everyday because it makes my back loosen up and I luv it!
Take a long shower (PF has gooood showers)
HydroMassage table after each workout even if I go twice in a day. Its like chocolate without all the calories *giggles*

If you workout at PF and you see me feel free to say hello. Good luck to all of you who are attempting the same things as I.

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