Hey Tulsa, I need a massage! Day 9/10

So here we are at day 9 of the juicing. Some juices just taste nasty! Ya I think I’m just gonna stick with the kale, oranges, and banana. Maybe in a week or so I might try to add some spinach. Was told about a smoothie shop by the Platinum gym at hwy51/Garnett next to Tulsa Bone and Joint. Sweet, so now if I don’t have time to make my own or get to busy with work I can stop in and for less than $6.00 I can have something fresh and yummy. Sidenote: They add some kind of uhh sugar cane syrup and it leaves an after taste. My kiddo and I got two different kinds and we both had the after taste so we blame that.

My workout this morning was good one. 5 minutes on the stair machine, 40 treadmill level 2 fatburn, and 15 recumbent bike. Super long shower and Hydro massage. I turn the pressure up as far as it will go and keep the speed at 2 bars. It actually hurt my calves today. Me thinks I’m doing it right LOL.

I was quite achy this morning and took my daily meds prior to the gym which isn’t like me, but my neck sure was hurting. I didnt tan today because I thought I still looked a lil pinkish. I guess I need to back down a few minutes so I can get in the tanning bed each morning I work out. It sure does help with my pain and cuts down on my need for some of my medication.

I need a tasty recipe for a ginger tea or smoothie or drink. Ginger supposedly has anti inflammatory properties and ohhh do need I some!!!

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