Make mine a double!

Back in mid March I received a call on a Thursday not fully understanding all the whys and what fors, I down shifted then hit the gas, my life did a 360 that following Monday afternoon. One month later it became a legal permanent spin, my 2 yr old twin grandbabies now live at Nana’s house.

My youngest fledgeling graduated in May, helped her pack *sniffles & grinz” bitter sweet to say the least. I had begun to suffer from empty nest syndrome. I really honestly believe its a real thing! Anyway, the twins moved into her room less the closet which is STILL full of her stuff barricaded by a crib.

There is a reason most have children when they young, you have lots of spare energy and sleep deprivation we did on purpose and with intent! We usually have 9-ish months to prepare for the arrival of the new bundle of endless spit up and poop factory, along with it being one micro helpless human. When the twins were born they were discharged from the hospital to me, mom a few days later.

So here we are 2yrs later and I dug in like a tick and begun buying two new cribs, mattresses, high chairs, carseats, and the list goes on… Its been harder than I had anticipated and some days I feel defeated and cry. But when I think of the alternative and where they could have been placed, I get angry with myself and tell myself it will be okay.

I’ve got a decent handle on my work hours now, but its financially rough going from working anytime I wanted or needed to 9 to 5:30 and partial weekend days. Hoping each day they dont wake up sick because one gets ill and may take a day or two for the other. So then we have multiple missed days UGH! So just so you know I’m trying my best and this is my new normal of unpredictability!

As my title states, “Make mine and double” I do prefer top shelf scotch. Glenlivet to be exact and damn if I don’t need a massage too!

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