About Massage

Massage can be classified into two main categories according to its purpose. Please note as you study these categories that they are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, act as building blocks for understanding and performing massage therapy…

Relaxation Massage uses a variety of manual techniques designed to relieve stress and promote relaxation and general wellness in a person with no definable health problem.This type of massage has significant and even profound therapeutic value, even if no clinical conditions are present. Relaxation is therapeutic. This type of massage generally is performed using broad strokes and fluid, rhythmic movements. The hands contour to the body’s surfaces.

Therapeutic Massage is also known as clinical massage. Therapeutic massage employs a variety of manual techniques to promote stress relief and relaxation, mobilize various structures, relieve pain and swelling, and improve range of motion and function in a person who has a specific health problem or neuromuscular or orthopedic condition. While it is important to be fluid and rhythmic with your movements, this type of massage is more focused on specific areas and tissues in the body. It is performed to produce specific mechanical changes in the tissues.

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