Just keep the doubles coming!

On Wednesday Lil Leah and Miss Mia arrived. Both are healthy and thank you tube tying doc. To say my house is going to be full would be an understatement!!! So now its my son, daughter, 2 1/2 yr old twins, newborn twins, 2 Chi-Pins, 1 cat, and ME.

Lil Leah

Look how tiny her hand is on my finger. Four of my own and now 5 grandchildren, it still blows my mind to see the tiny lil creatures.

Miss Mia

LoL, I see my job in a whole new light. Quiet, peaceful, and NO poop! Yaa, I went there.

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Make mine a double!

Back in mid March I received a call on a Thursday not fully understanding all the whys and what fors, I down shifted then hit the gas, my life did a 360 that following Monday afternoon. One month later it became a legal permanent spin, my 2 yr old twin grandbabies now live at Nana’s house.

My youngest fledgeling graduated in May, helped her pack *sniffles & grinz” bitter sweet to say the least. I had begun to suffer from empty nest syndrome. I really honestly believe its a real thing! Anyway, the twins moved into her room less the closet which is STILL full of her stuff barricaded by a crib.

There is a reason most have children when they young, you have lots of spare energy and sleep deprivation we did on purpose and with intent! We usually have 9-ish months to prepare for the arrival of the new bundle of endless spit up and poop factory, along with it being one micro helpless human. When the twins were born they were discharged from the hospital to me, mom a few days later.

So here we are 2yrs later and I dug in like a tick and begun buying two new cribs, mattresses, high chairs, carseats, and the list goes on… Its been harder than I had anticipated and some days I feel defeated and cry. But when I think of the alternative and where they could have been placed, I get angry with myself and tell myself it will be okay.

I’ve got a decent handle on my work hours now, but its financially rough going from working anytime I wanted or needed to 9 to 5:30 and partial weekend days. Hoping each day they dont wake up sick because one gets ill and may take a day or two for the other. So then we have multiple missed days UGH! So just so you know I’m trying my best and this is my new normal of unpredictability!

As my title states, “Make mine and double” I do prefer top shelf scotch. Glenlivet to be exact and damn if I don’t need a massage too!

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August Osage County ~

Ohh M Gee! This movie was awsum and ending blew my my mind. It was funny to me because my family is sorta the same way. Fist fights, screaming, and lots of sarcasm…

Whats funny is that I had one of them Native Americans take me LOLOLOL and really it is funny as hell. Whats in a name? He routinely calls me white woman!

I give this movie both hands up!

Well hells bells, I gotta go figure out why peoples can’t leave comments on my site…

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Hey Tulsa, I need a massage! Day 9/10

So here we are at day 9 of the juicing. Some juices just taste nasty! Ya I think I’m just gonna stick with the kale, oranges, and banana. Maybe in a week or so I might try to add some spinach. Was told about a smoothie shop by the Platinum gym at hwy51/Garnett next to Tulsa Bone and Joint. Sweet, so now if I don’t have time to make my own or get to busy with work I can stop in and for less than $6.00 I can have something fresh and yummy. Sidenote: They add some kind of uhh sugar cane syrup and it leaves an after taste. My kiddo and I got two different kinds and we both had the after taste so we blame that.

My workout this morning was good one. 5 minutes on the stair machine, 40 treadmill level 2 fatburn, and 15 recumbent bike. Super long shower and Hydro massage. I turn the pressure up as far as it will go and keep the speed at 2 bars. It actually hurt my calves today. Me thinks I’m doing it right LOL.

I was quite achy this morning and took my daily meds prior to the gym which isn’t like me, but my neck sure was hurting. I didnt tan today because I thought I still looked a lil pinkish. I guess I need to back down a few minutes so I can get in the tanning bed each morning I work out. It sure does help with my pain and cuts down on my need for some of my medication.

I need a tasty recipe for a ginger tea or smoothie or drink. Ginger supposedly has anti inflammatory properties and ohhh do need I some!!!

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Tulsa, so I have started a new journey this year!

LOL, I found my password and now I can bloggg. Maybe I will bore you some with my endless babble or if I am lucky, humor you into a grin or two with a possible chuckle…

Okayyy so, January first was the last day I had a cigarette. I actually ran out out just before bedtime. Now if you are a smoker you know it is simply impossible to NOT smoke if you wake up and there is at least one cigarette in the pack. Anyway, after quitting last spring, I had a pretty good hold on it but had a family member pass away and my life went upside down, then major surgery at the end of may. I don’t care what others might say, the cards were stacked against me and I lit up.

So here we are 6 months later, I’m somewhat better in the head and the smoke is driving me crazy. Just before Christmas I bought a box of Nicorette lozenges and was contemplating the thought of laying them down. Then we get the storms and the kids out for break and I run out of smokes and well,, I am really proud of myself.

For some reason this time it didn’t bother me as much during the third and the fourth days. Maybe this will be the final time and maybe my body is just done with its addiction? Already I am sleeping better and the slightest smell of offending cigarettes makes me ill.

So on January 2cd I started my juice fast without my friend. Not sure why? We were supposed to start it in early December, but for various reasons we did not. I also started going back to the gym, I have been paying for the membership,,, so I might as well use right?

I am doing meal replacement shakes once or twice a day depending on my hunger level and if I go for an evening workout. I’m doing pretty good and never ever want to juice celery AGAIN! Seriously, I know its cheap and primarily water, but uhh, NO BUENO!!!!

I weighed myself on the 2cd and it said 215lbs and here we are seven days later and it said 206lbs. I down with that and feel pretty good about my work outs. For the last 8 or 9 months I either was sick prior to my surgery or depressed after the death, but in any case If I wasn’t working, shuttling kids, I have been in bed sleeping A LOT! No more of all that, I think I’m rested LOL and its time to get up and get right with life. I’m starting easy this time and this is what I am going to do for the first two weeks.
Arrive at gym and get in tanning bed to warm me up a bit
Work on adding minutes to the stair machine (I’m at 8 mins)
30 to 40 mins on treadmill (level 2 or 3 fatburn)
Torso rotation machine everyday because it makes my back loosen up and I luv it!
Take a long shower (PF has gooood showers)
HydroMassage table after each workout even if I go twice in a day. Its like chocolate without all the calories *giggles*

If you workout at PF and you see me feel free to say hello. Good luck to all of you who are attempting the same things as I.

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Can you beleive its 2013? *snickers* We’re getting old, YA, you too!

My first blog of 2013 woot woot! LOL, I had to do a pass reset because I couldn’t remember what I changed it to… Sometimes I wish I had a sexatary for these type things, but them my controlling, A.D.D. O.C.D self would end up doing whatever needed doing anyway. So what shall I resolute to this year, hmm?

Well I quit smoking mid December so that’s not on the list. Its more like STAY quit!!!
I thought I had a good handle on quitting the last time I tried, but… I didnt. This time is different and I know I am going to be sucking on nicotine lozenges for quite awhile and can not be without them either! Its a process right? Well the way I see is that I own it and its my process. But I know without a doubt that if I dare to take one drag off one cigarette,,, all the hard work/effort that I have put forward will be for nothing. Geesh, Im soo addicted.

Why do my knees hurt from sitting Indian style now? Okay, back to resolutes.

1. Stop dying my red hair redder. I know I know, it looks all cool so so coppery and shiny, but its a pain in the ass to keep up with! OMGawd, I have grey hair. What EVA! Its all good cuz it will look good on me.

2. Get a CNA position at one of the hospitals. So here’s my luck as usual. I had a formal interview scheduled for this morning and HR called a little after 9am asking if I had already left home? I was like,, UH, the appointment time was 10am, right? Then she said, ohh good you haven’t left! Evidently the floor mngr called in sick. Can you imagine, a hospital employee calling in sick? Only in my world….

3. Acquire a third part time job for a couple of nights a week. You see I want some stuff and so my thinking is that if I get a third job that money can go for the extras I want. Seems logical and doable right? We will see….

4. Learn to apply fake eyelashes. Everyone should have a hobby I’ve been told. Just sayin..

5. Make Playstation time! Get some new games and revisit the old PS1 games like MediEvil. Need me some HAMMER time! Definitely need to master the super charges in Tree Tops and Magic Crafters!!!

And I will think of more stuff later….

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Silly Smart phones…

Technology is a good thing to have in your set of tools when running your own business, whether it is personal or on a commercial level. Having a smart phone is kinda like having a sexatary. They can do almost anything you want them to if you know how to use them. If there is not a program or application for what you need done then you can easily download one for free or purchase one.

Upgrading my Blackberry gave me a new tool. Call notes and notes that can be entered into the contact information. Neat stuff! Trying to reduce my stress with new callers, I have started utilizing my phone as it should be used and today someone got a lil caught up!

Recv’d text, Any open appts?
Me – Why?
TXTt’r – LOL
Me – Exactly!
TXT’r – I guess I deserve that.
Me – You can be taught.
TXT’r – What are you wanting to teach me
Me – Not my place to teach u anything. I don’t have time for people who are inconsiderate. Stands to reason that your not respectful of others or at the least of me.
TXT’r – Ma’am I have never met u before. I beleive you have me confused with someone else
Me – Correct, we have never met. But, on the 16th you called me and made an appt for approx 30 mins later. Then you didn’t call or answer your phone when I called. No confusion here, my smart phone don’t lie. Pretty damn smart ehh?
TXT’r – No its not a matter of being smart, so pat urself on the back. I was on my way and had a small fender bender. I’m a gentleman and respectful by all means.
TXT’r – I have a mother that will contest to that. I didn’t mean to no show and was hoping for a second chance. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Me – I’m one of those mothers that will slap my grown kids up side the head for being disrespectful. Your mama don’t know every misdeed you’ve ever done either. Ignorance is bliss, is it not? Just sayin…
TXT’r – LMAO so I guess no appt huh?
Me – So you would like a second chance? MmmK, I get that. My rule is that people who NCNS must pay a $50.00 fee on top of my $75.00 fee.
TXT’r – LOL. I’m good. Nice try though. My Jaguar got hit. I din’t charge you for that. Anyway. Thank u for the lesson. Take care.
Me – 1. You chose to contact me. 2. You chose to get in your car and drive. 3. You chose not to call after the fact and explain. See, obviously your eyesight wasn’t damaged nor were you injured so badly you couldn’t txt or call. So, I’m not responsible for your actions, inactions, or decisions.
TXT’r – Exactly, I would never be that dumb to think its ur fault. I’m a grown man and a massage is a luxury item and I’m not going to pay a late fee. Listen no need to go back and forth. I was hoping for an appt. If you change ur mind let me know.

So class, what have learned? Things to think on…..

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emails emails emails, Im prolly askin for trouble!

So I’m in the process of setting an email address for my site options options options… I have already created a folder for the asshats and the fucktards! I knowww what to expect. Its such a shame that so meany of the opposite sex are stoopid and choose to show it.

Gonna go to Wal-Greens and stock up on face wash so I can try and avoid blidness! Prolly ought to grab some mouthwarsh for after I get done reading the dailies. Its good to be prepared!!!

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Rocking mah new Crackberry!

The worst possible thing happened last week, I missed an appt. That is not my M.O. and am very reliable! Over the last year I had started to notice my crack baby wasn’t working as she once did. I started to error msg’s when trying to do stuff online, like msg’s saying your browser is outdated. Websites not recognizing me as mobile and loosing some functionality. Seems like every time I’d try to do some sort of updating she would like have some kind of psychotic episode…. Then she started to balk when I was tethered, defaulting back to the UScelluar ringtone and requiring a battery pull to get my settings to be implemented. My indicator light wouldn’t flash from recv’d txt’s, emails, or missed calls.
So thinking my appt didnt call I headed in to USCC to see my go to guy Glen who is like a blackberry guru. Hes worked there for years and knows phones! After telling him my issues with my crackberry and other USCC stores/sales people/tech support, he said I’d be happy with a newer one. Didn’t take but 5 minutes and his knowledgeable self had me saying SOLD!
I got my old gurl back in like 07 and I remember that first 6 wks I wanted to toss that 8330 Curve into the Arkansas River! Once I kinda got it, I was hooked!!! So today I’m rocking a new 9350 and she is quite nice to handle just like most new hotties are LOL.
So back to USCC, if you got an issue with your phone, give it up before you start if thinking bout going into a premier location. All they are gonna do is pick up the phone and call tech support. Hell you can save yourself the gas money and sit in the comfort of your on home and chat with them. Tech support, if you think you got somebody on the phone that really doesnt know chit bout how to fix your issue ask for a supervisor, trust me! They also can remotely get into your phone and do stuff. Kinda cool and scary to sit there holding your phone and watching it go through screens and settings. They can see EVERYTHING on your phone.
Now, I have been a USCC customer for like 11 yrs and until recently I have never had an issue with tech support or sales. About a week before I finally went in and saw my go to guy I stopped in another corporate store. My name got called and the gent said, ” hi, how can I help you”? I replied back with,” Are you well versed in crackberry”? He was like, well ya sorta. So I start rambling about my issues, what research I’ve done, what had been remotely done and all in all spouting out techy stuff. Ya, OKAY! He was clueless and said well so N so has a BB let me go get her. He returns saying shes on lunch so lets call tech support. I politely said, well I gotta go pick up my kid from school and I already had and they were about as helpful as,,, nevermind. He turns and says, ” Well we won’t even carry BB’s in two years because nobody wants them” real snotty like and said something else too. Man O Man, my temper flared, gritted my teeth, and I said, ” Ya, because of that attitude is why I am considering another cell provider!!! Okay so I get maybe the Premier location peeps barely getting by selling phones, taking, payments and calling tech support for customers, but really, somebody at a corporate store?
Its his job to help not hinder. Had he been a little kinder to me I prolly would have picked up my kid and went straight back and bought a new phone.
I get that people have a way of doing things and how they may or may not run their businesses. Hell, I a few rules and it is on a rare occasion that I veer or bend. This may seem odd, but I am about my established clients vs new ones. My regulars are gold to me and are solid, where new ones arent so much. I wasn’t under contract and only had a couple months till all four lines on my plan were free and clear. I was a potential walker and he almost closed that deal! So after letting that go and then going to see my normal guy, he apologized for what happened and I swore I’d never talk to anyone but him again. He asked why I hadn’t come in to see him and I said that I had awhile back, but each time he wasnt there. Evidently, he was out for a while due to a surgery. I think to date that man has sold me prolly 8 phones, maybe more. I had 5 lines at one time, now down to just 4 LOL. Moral to my long ass story, stick with the ones who you know and trust.
I did call the gent back that I thought didnt call me and I left a msg. I truly am so sorry that we didnt get to meet that day. In that msg I said that if he wanted to reschedule that I would do it for free. I haven’t heard back and I get that I may never. The offer stands……. Here it is in writing!

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New Massage Ordinance

Okay so I just dont get it? I called the City today (again) and they still dont have the revised copy of the new ordinance online yet. WTF!!! Rant over….

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