Your Relaxation Specialist


Your Relaxation Specialist…

Who is the Relaxation Specialist?
Well I have been in the massage industry in Tulsa since 1997. I am a natural, saucy, redhead that enjoys her job most days. I specialize in Relaxation Massage primarily using the Swedish technique; but I do offer a combination of techniques of which one I’m sure would suit your needs. At times I can be quite chatty as I don’t know a stranger. Very friendly with an outgoing personality, you can be assured you’ll be very comfortable in my space.

Things that I frown upon, mainly clients who intentionally harass or take advantage of me and my good nature. Occasionally, a client can inadvertently do the same by attempting to haggle over my rates and/or session time. I offer specials for my sessions on my own free will and I think it is rude to ask. As well as attempting to extend the session with no intentions of compensating me. Durations of sessions are not finite and the only clock watching is to see the pretty red numbers flash. My clock is possessed and it won’t stay set. Are my sessions one hour? NO, not usually. Sessions may go over and under the one hour mark. I have my own style and timing which changes with each client.

Rules of engagement,,, I have my own way of running my business and it may seem odd to some, but this is just the way it is. If you decide you would like to schedule a session and call me, you can expect to be given a couple of requests. If you call me and choose to talk about inappropriate things, you CAN expect rudeness in return. I have a ZERO tolerance for such type conversations whether it be on the phone, emails, or by instant messenger. If you call and I don’t sound happy, well I probably just hung up on someone. Its hard to regain my composure at times especially if it has happened on several occasions that day. Yes, I have considered an answering service or just letting all my calls go straight to voicemail.

Which brings me to leaving messages. My phone is a cell phone and I can’t urge you strongly enough to go on and leave a DETAILED message when prompted. We live in a digital age and hence forth digital problems. Such as two people calling at the same time. Only one number will show up on my call log. My phone is not equipt with analog, only digital. There are places in town where I don’t get good signal strength. When this happens my phone simply doesn’t ring, BUT if someone leaves a msg I’ll know.

Contact your Relaxation Specialist – Enchanted Journeyz Massage at 918-724-0014 to make an appointment.